The KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer celebrates its birthday, and we get gifts? Yup! The company is giving away two limited-edition mixers.


90th Anniversary Artisan Series Stand Mixer

Rach says: "Nope, it's not a mix-up: KitchenAid is releasing a 90th Anniversary Artisan Series Stand Mixer in candy-apple red in honor of the product's birthday."

Red Stand Mixer

Circus Glass

Rach says: "Bring home a piece of big-top flare with a tall Circus Glass."
vvv $5,

circus glass

Acapulco Melamine Tray

Rach says: "Treat someone special to breakfast in bed, served on an Acapulco Melamine Tray in blue or green."
 $28 each,


Aluminum Can

Rach says: "Sure, it's meant to hold garbage, but there's something about this colorful Aluminum Can that makes us smile."
 $25, for stores.

trash can

LED House Numbers

Rach says: "Solar panels on these LED House Numbers gather energy during the day so they glow at night."
 $28 each,

LED House Numbers

Sunnan Lamp

Rach says: "Look on the bright side: Homework won't be as tedious if your desk is topped with a solar-powered Sunnan Lamp."
 $20, for stores.

Orange Lamp

Alpaca Flower Pins

Rach says: "Use handknit Alpaca Flower Pins to dress up plain pillows or tie back long curtains."
 $12 each,

flower pins

Blue Q Dish Towel

Rach says: "Here's a gentle reminder: An absorbent Blue Q Dish Towel will cut down on your need for paper towels."

dish towel

Natura Paints

Rach says: "Breathe easy! Eco-friendly Natura Paints are virtually odorless and have no toxic VOCs."
 $50, for stores.