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Cooks 12-piece Bowl Set

Rach says: "The Cooks 12-piece Bowl Set, made of bamboo fibers, is great for mixing, storing or serving dishes of all sizes."

bowl set

Tape Measure Zippered Bag

Rach says: "You'll find endless uses for this Tape Measure Zippered Bag: Carry coupons, makeup or even your cell phone!"
 $12.50, 800-896-7266 for stores

Tape Measure Bag

Kathleen Collection Lamp Shade

Rach says: "Groovy! The Kathleen Collection Lamp Shade is made from vintage vinyl album jackets."

Lamp Shade

Kitchen Twine Holder with Scissors

Rach says: "Keep a handy Kitchen Twine Holder with Scissors on the counter for easy trussing and stuffing."

Twine Holder

Eco Clean Glass Cleaner

Rach says: "Made from plant and sugar extracts, Eco Clean Glass Cleaner will leave your windows looking streak-free."

glass cleaner

Star Wars Pancake Molds

Rach says: "You won't need Yoda's guidance to become a Jedi kitchen master -- just these Star Wars Pancake Molds!"
 $20 for 3,

Pancake Molds

Simplemente Blanco Fire Logs Holder

Rach says: "Say goodbye to splinters! Use this chic Simplemente Blanco Fire Logs Holder to tote wood indoors."
 $60, 617-734-3669

fire log holder

Orange Honeycomb Doormat

Rach says: "Your guests will be buzzing about this Orange Honeycomb Doormat before they even walk in the house."

door mat

Do It Yourself Bird House

Rach says: "No tools are required to assemble the Do It Yourself Bird House: Just snap the interlocking pieces into place."

bird house