Every Day Faves: Home

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Rachael Ray Füri 2-Piece Carving Set

Rach says: "My Rachael Ray Füri 2-Piece Carving Set has a nonslip grip that'll make cutting the Thanksgiving turkey even easier!

Carving Set

Good Home Company Laundry Detergents

Rach says: "These glass Good Home Company Laundry Detergents are too pretty to hide under the sink."
$21.50 and up,

Laundry Detergents


MyDrap Napkins

Rach says: "MyDrap Napkins may look disposable, but they're actually tearoff fabric napkins wrapped around a roll."
$29 and up,



Monkey Doorhangers

Rach says: "Hang your kids’ towels or jackets on metal Monkey Doorhangers."
$15 for 3,

Monkey Doorhangers


Hostess Collection Oven Mitt

Rach says: "A scorching-hot oven is no match for a cute Hostess Collection Oven Mitt."

Oven Mitt


Jonathan Adler Pop Kitchen Canisters

Rach says: "Store your yummiest guilty pleasures in these porcelain Jonathan Adler Pop Kitchen Canisters."
$40 for 4,

Jonathan Adler Canisters

Knitted Pouf Ottoman

Rach says: "A bloodorange Knitted Pouf Ottoman is as cozy as your favorite sweater."


Bengt & Lotta Cutting Board

Rach says: "Slice and dice with a colorful Bengt & Lotta Cutting Board, then hang for easy storage."

cutting board


Taste of the Valley Pear Basket

Rach says: "A Taste of the Valley Pear Basket is two gifts in one: It opens up to form a fruit bowl, and folds flat into a trivet!"

Pear Basket

Perfect Infuser

Rach says: "Drop herbs or chiles inside the Perfect Infuser’s chamber to add flavor to your oil."
$25, trudeaucorp.com for stores