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Turf pillow

Evette Rios says: "This all-weather turf pillow has an artificial-grass backing to prevent lawn stains." 


Throw Pillow

Sundial pillow

Evette Rios says: "Add color to a ho-hum furniture set with a water-resistant sundial pillow." 


Red Throw Pillow

Green leaf pillow

Evette Rios says: "Sun won't fade the natural beauty of this UV-resistant green leaf pillow." 

$24 for 2,

Striped Throw Pillow

Bamboo Plates

Evette Rios says: "Just like your dinner guests, no two bamboo butterfly plates are alike!" 

$39 for 4,


Felt Trivets

Evette Rios says: "These berry trivets add a modern spin to your spread." 


Red Trivet

Cake Stand

Evette Rios says: "Birds are hot in home design. This Thomas Paul 13" cake stand is inspired by vintage birdwatching charts." 


Birds Cakestand

Olive Coasters

Evette Rios says: "Whether shaken or stirred, your martini will be sitting pretty on a felt olive coaster." 

$25 for 4,

Olive Coasters

S&P set

Evette Rios says: "Spice up your table with hand-painted salt and pepper grinders." 

$50 for 2,

Salt and Pepper Set

Sound-effect Pitcher

Evette Rios says: "A ceramic Gluggle jug makes a "glug glug glug" sound as you pour drinks." 


Pink Fish Pitcher

Silicone Kids' Glasses

Evette Rios says: "Each 6-oz. Silikids juice tumbler has a silicone-lined shell for a no-slip grip." 

$26 for 4,