Faves Tip: Want to know how a candle will smell when lit? Sniff the bottom. This part hasn't been exposed to air, so it has a more accurate scent.


Red Saucepan "Stuck on You" Wall Hook

Rach says: "I can't wait to hang this hilarious Red Saucepan 'Stuck on You' Wall Hook in my kitchen."


Rosanna Petite Treat Cakestand

Rach says: "A porcelain Rosanna Petite Treat Cakestand (4" x 2") lifts mini desserts to higher ground."

cake stand

Graphic Felix Melamine Plates

Rach says: "Kick your picnic style up a notch: Graphic Felix Melamine Plates are black and white and bold all over."
 $8 and up,  


Tweet Bird Feeder

Rach says: "Welcome feathered friends to your trees by hanging an orange steel Tweet Bird Feeder."

bird feeder

Nova Striped Kitchen Mat

Rach says: "Don't worry about food spills: A durable Nova Striped Kitchen Mat can be spot-cleaned or tossed in the washing machine."
 $30 each,  

Kitchen Mat

Elephant Candles

Rach says: "These hand-carved Elephant Candles are almost too pretty to light."
 $12.50 each,  

elephant candles

Sagaform Wide Base Decanter

Rach says: "The unique shape of a Sagaform Wide Base Decanter lets wine breathe properly -- and looks great on the table."


iHome Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock Radio

Rach says: "The iHome Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock Radio plays my iPod and has multiple timer settings."
 $99, ihomeaudio.com
 Enter discount code RACHEL15 for a 15 percent discount!

Black Alarm Clock Radio

Danica Studio Zaza Owl Cushion

Rach says: "A little birdie told me: A Danica Studio Zaza Owl Cushion turns any chair into a cozy landing spot."

Owl Cushion

Garçon Rolling Bar Cart

Rach says: "Whether you're serving drinks or dessert, the iron Garçon Rolling Bar Cart is the perfect party accessory."

bar cart

Upcycled Lavender Dryer Sachet

Rach says: "Toss an Upcycled Lavender Dryer Sachet in with your laundry -- it naturally softens and scents clothes, and can be used again and again."
 $10 for 3,  

dryer sachet