Check out Rachael's favorite home accessories -- from a wooden whisk to guest toothbrushes to a lemon slice clock!

Lemon Slice Clock

Rach says: "Squeeze in a few more minutes with this clock made from recycled detergent bottles."

Lemon slice clock

Guest Toothbrushes

Rach says: "Impress overnight visitors with disposable bamboo brushes and engraved handles."

Guest toothbrushes

Kitchen Scale

Rach says: "Lightweight glass circular scales come in seven bright colors."

Kitchen scale

Wooden Whisk

Rach says: "The wide whisk head adds more air to your food while you whip."

Wooden whisk

Peephole Cover

Rach says: "Peekaboo, we see you! Dress your front door with cute wood cutouts."

Peephole cover

Mortar and Pestle

Rach says: "Grind whole spices and herbs in a handmade, organic bamboo bowl. Pick from nine colors."

Mortar and pestle

Tissue Holder

Rach says: "Eyesore no more! This pot turns tissue or toilet rolls into works of modern art."

Tissue Holder

Rest Your Eyes

Rach's style buddy, Gretta Monahan, says: "Channel Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's by wearing a Holly GoNightly mask."

Holly GoNightly mask

Zebra Style

Rach's style buddy, Gretta Monahan, says: "Soothe tired eyes in a Cris Notti zebra mask with puffy cotton padding."

Zebra mask

Go Natural

Rach's style buddy, Gretta Monahan, says: "The comfort fit of a Natura Organic mask blocks out light for a restful snooze."

Organic mask