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Teal with Grey Beads Frame

Rach says: "don't know what's cuter: this Teal with Grey Beads Frame or the picture of my Isaboo that I'll be putting inside."


Maine Isle Throw Pillow

Rach says: "Anchor the look of your den or rec room with a nautical-themed Maine Isle Throw Pillow."

Anchor Throw Pillow

Seashucker and Seascissors

Rach says: "I use my Seashucker ($8) and Seascissors ($14) to easily cut, open and prepare shellfish." 



Rach says: "Silicone, hand-silk-screened Doileez are perfect for dressing a table -- or an appetizer platter!"
 $22 for 2, for stores


Rubber Vase

Rach says: "This flexible Rubber Vase will never break and can be folded inward to hold office supplies or spare change."

Red Rubber Vase

Citronella-Filled Tiki Torch

Rach says: "Stylishly light an outdoor path -- and keep the bugs at bay -- with a bamboo Citronella-Filled Tiki Torch."
 $5, for stores

Tiki Torch

"Rest in Grease" Spoon Rest

Rach says: "A 'Rest in Grease' Spoon Rest will keep the mess low and the spirits high while you're in the kitchen."


Scented Shelf and Drawer Liners

Rach says: "Scented Shelf and Drawer Liners protect your clothes and fabrics, and add subtle fragrances like rose, citrus and cucumber."
 $12 each,

Scented Shelf Liners

Henry Road Storage Sac

Rach says: "Keep a Henry Road Storage Sac (made from old coffee bags) by the front door as a catchall for keys and phones."

storage sack

Boards by Joel

Rach says: "Boards by Joel bring a touch of nature to the table -- use them as rustic trivets or coasters."
 $4 and up each,

boards by joel