Everything's coming up roses: RedEnvelope is giving away five Year of Seeds sets!

Year of Seeds

Rach says: "Petunias, poppies and pansies, oh, my! The Year of Seeds set comes with 12 packs of seeds and 12 matching ceramic pots."

Win it! Year of Seeds

Chihuahua Salt and Pepper Shakers

Rach says: "All together now: Aww! We have a serious case of puppy love for these magnetic Chihuahua Salt and Pepper Shakers."

salt and pepper shakers

Crypton Fabrics Doodle Dog Pillow

Rach says: "The cheery Crypton Fabrics Doodle Dog Pillow is stain- and odor- resistant -- and will look cute on your couch."


Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean

Rach says: "Use Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean in your kitchen to remove pesticides and dirt from produce."
 $7 and up,

Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Cleaning Products

Cheese Grater Lamp

Rach says: "Turn on a Cheese Grater Lamp and see this indispensable kitchen tool in a new light."

cheese grater lamp

Angela Adams Retro Bath Mat

Rach says: "Keep tootsies toasty after your shower with a plush Angela Adams Retro Bath Mat."
 $40, angelaadams.com for similar styles

bath mat

Alice Supply Co. Plungers

Rach says: "No more hiding them from view: These Alice Supply Co. Plungers come in funky designs worth showing off."
 $14 each,

alice plungers

Umbra Chirp Finial Set

Rach says: "In our neck of the woods, the Umbra Chirp Finial Set is the perfect way to keep curtains in place."
 $16 for 2,

Chirp Set

Sagaform Paper Boat Serving Bowl

Rach says: "Sagaform Paper Boat Serving Bowl with anything from small nibbles to jelly beans!"

Saga Form Paper Bowl

Bamboo Apple Bird Feeder

Rach says: "Buying seeds is for the birds. Skewer fruit onto the Bamboo Apple Bird Feeder and skip the mess."

bird feeder