Tip: Avoid fabric fade-out by applying weatherproofing spray before placing soft items outside.

Zippi Fan

Rach says: "The quiet whirl and safe-to-the-touch cloth blades on the desktop Zippi Fan will keep you cool in your cubicle."
 $20, vornado.com


Ice Orb

Rach says: "A funky silicone Ice Orb makes cubes and then converts into a cooler."
 $16, aplusrstore.com

ice orb

Vibrant Garden Tealight Lantern

Rach says: "Pop a small citronella candle in this Vibrant Garden Tealight Lantern and your patio will be aglow -- and bug-free!"
 $15 for 3, jcp.com


Made By Humans BzzBzz Alarm Clock

Rach says: "Give a stubborn sleepyhead a Made By Humans BzzBzz Alarm Clock -- it sounds like flying mosquitos."
 $32, fireworksgallery.net

Plantation Patterns Outdoor Throw Pillows

Rach says: "Show off your softer side: Plantation Patterns Outdoor Throw Pillows come in dozens of weather-resistant designs."
 $13 each, homedepot.com

Green Throw Pillows

Japanese Bird Bells

Rach says: "'Hoo' knew? Give new homeowners a set of Japanese Bird Bells -- they're considered good luck."
 $40 for 4, redenvelope.com

Japanese Bells

Small Fishbowl Bookends

Rach says: "In our book, these Small Fishbowl Bookends are the perfect conversation pieces!"
 $35, wrapables.com


Director's Chair

Rach says: "Lights, camera, relaxation! A Director's Chair is a comfy spot to take a load off. It folds flat for storage, too."
 $30 and up, worldmarket.com

director chair

Takeout Appetizer Plates

Rach says: "Serve one of my yummy Make Your Own Take-Out recipes on cute porcelain Takeout Appetizer Plates."
 $3 each, cb2.com

Takeout Plates