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Holiday Wreaths: Reinventing the Wheel

Save the fake snow for your tree: Rach’s design buddy Evette Rios takes wreaths from tired to inspired using only two supplies each.
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reinventing the wheel

You'll need: lollipops (in different sizes) and a knife Starting at the top, poke the largest suckers into the needles stick-first. Switch to medium and then tiny lollipops as you work your way down the wreath. Trim the sticks with a knife.

You'll need: spray paint and ribbon Spray the leaves lightly (but evenly) with a bright-colored spray paint, then add a big bow in another zingy color.

You'll need: costume jewelry and string Secure inexpensive necklaces, pendants and bangles to the greens with string, then drape the pieces over the branches. Use glittery brooches and earrings to add pops of sparkle to any blank spots.

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