Every Day Faves: Head to Toe

Tip: Write a product's expiration date on the bottle -- it's usually only listed on the box. *Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in August 2009.

Mark. Mists Hydrating Body Spray

Rach says: "Pop a citrus-scented Mark. Mists Hydrating Body Spray in the fridge for a refreshing spritz on a hot day."
$10 each, meetmark.com

Head Mark Mists


Glory for Girls Coconut Scrub

Rach says: "Your teens and tweens will love the gentle exfoliating beads (and tropical scent) in Glory for Girls Coconut Scrub."
$12, target.com

Head Coco Scrub

e.l.f. Mini Eyelash Curler

Rach says: "Curl every lash with precision using the handy e.l.f. Mini Eyelash Curler."
$3, eyeslipsface.com

Head Eye Lash Curler 1


Wash with Joe bodywash

Rach says: "Here's a morning pick-me-up: Wash with Joe bodywash is infused with coffee and peppermint."
$24, luckyscent.com

Head Joe Body Wash


Loofah-Art Sponge

Rach says: "Get a bathtime serving of summer fruits with a Loofah-Art Sponge."
$4 each, ecobags.com

Head Loofah


Dove Go Fresh Burst Beauty Bar

Rach says: "'Orange' you glad that a Dove Go Fresh Burst Beauty Bar leaves a light citrus scent on your skin all day?"
$3 for 2 at drugstores

Head Dove Soap

Eight Hour Cream Vintage Edition 1960's Lip Protectant SPF 15

Rach says: "Groovy! The vitamin E in Eight Hour Cream Vintage Edition 1960's Lip Protectant SPF 15 defends against UV rays."
$17, elizabetharden.com

Head 8 hour cream


Q-tips Vanity Packs

Rach says: "Finally, cotton swabs have a stylish place to hang out! Q-tips Vanity Packs come in four eye-catching designs."
$3 at drugstores

Head Q Tips

Givenchy Prismissime palette

Rach says: "A Givenchy Prismissime palette is total eye candy! There are nine colors to play with, so I can go from day to night in a few strokes."
$53, sephora.com

Head Eye Shadows 3

Thickening Serum

Rach says: "Use a few drops of Thickening Serum to strengthen and plump hair strands in just 12 weeks."
$26, bumbleandbumble.com

Head Bumble Serum