5 Amazing Halloween Movie-Inspired Pumpkins

Inspired by classic creepy movies, these jack-o’-lantern ideas are to die for.

FRIDAY THE 13TH | 1980

friday the 13th pumpkin and poster

On one side of a hollowed-out pumpkin, use a hockey mask ($11) as a stencil and trace the eyes and all the holes. Remove the mask and carve out the eyes. Using a drill with a 1-inch bit (or an apple corer ($7)), make holes through the remaining markings. Wipe down the outside of the pumpkin. Position the hockey mask over the pumpkin to match up with all the holes. Insert an LED light ($14) to illuminate the design—Jason is ready to slay!


hellraiser pumpkin and poster

Brush a hollowed-out pumpkin with white acrylic paint ($9) and let dry. Using a carving or paring knife ($8), score horizontal lines about 3 inches apart around the circumference of the pumpkin. Carve slit eyes, a U-shaped nose, and a squiggle mouth. Where the scored lines intersect the pumpkin’s grooves, insert 6-inch steel nails ($21) 1 inch deep; repeat until the pumpkin is covered. Insert an LED light ($14) and display.

IT | 1990

it pumpkin and poster

Carve a large mouth into a hollowed-out pumpkin. Cover with white spray paint ($7) and let dry. For hair, layer cotton candy ($14) onto three 12-inch bamboo skewers ($5); leave 4 inches free to insert into the pumpkin. For eyes, cut 2 skewers into thirds, poke 3 pieces each into 2 red-licorice wheels, insert in place, then glue peppermints onto the centers. Pin on black-licorice brows. Poke in a red-lollipop nose. Pin on red-licorice lips. For teeth, cut toothpicks in half and stick into pieces of candy corn.


attack of the killer tomatoes pumpkin and poster

On 3 small pumpkins, trace oval-shaped mouths that are slightly larger than the size of an open pair of plastic vampire fangs. Carve out the mouths and remove the excess pumpkin flesh. Coat the pumpkins with red acrylic paint ($10) and let dry. Paint on squinty black eyes and let dry. Wedge vampire teeth into the mouth holes and display as a group.


arachnophobia pumpkin and poster

Carve a simple face (crescent moon–shaped eyes, a triangle nose, and a rounded mouth) onto the front of a hollowed-out pumpkin. Adorn the stem, the top, and the carved face with plastic spiders ($17). Let several spill out of the eyes and pool around the mouth. Insert an LED light ($14) and display, then watch trick-or-treaters try to avoid this spider trap.