Turn your average costume party into a Halloween extravaganza with our theme party ideas. Get tips, menus and costume ideas for one scarily good time!

Mad Scientist Party

Turn your kitchen into a science lab and the food into an experiment. This party brings out your creative side!

mad scientist party

Black Widows' Ball

This poisonous arachnid becomes the star of your party, featured in drinks, dessert and décor... but don't worry, they're not real!

halloween party

Rock Star Party

Rock and roll all night long with nostalgic treats, costumes and music. The only task: To try not to forget the karaoke lyrics!

rock and roll party

'Stache Bash Party

Whatever you call it -- soup strainer, lip foliage, mouth brow, flavor saver -- the mustache is a trendy accessory and the world's most efficient costume. Talk about mustache madness!

Stache Bash

Halloween Kids' Party

Let the kids have just as much fun as the adults at their own party, complete with a themed playlist and spooky activities.

Kids Halloween Party, Can't Wait!

Heaven & Hell Party

Serve up a spread of sinfully rich and fiery hot snacks on one side, light angelic desserts on the other. The good-versus-evil theme makes for a devilishly good time.

People at Party

Something to Snack On

Serve up our tastiest spooky Halloween foods at your shindig. 

Severed Finger Cookies