Take the fear out of fright night with a Heaven and Hell bash.

People at Party

Serve up a spread of sinfully rich and fiery hot snacks on one side, light angelic desserts on the other. The good-versus-evil theme makes for a devilishly good time, and it solves all those costume dilemmas, too.




Red Hot
 Pull red balloons onto glass votives (from the bottom) and cut off the excess rubber just below the rim to create moody red candle holders.

Sign Language
 Make fun gravestones out of cardboard or foam core.

Red Light!
 Use red lightbulbs in the Hell room.

Bright Idea
 Light up red balloons with lights.


Like Heaven
 Make the table look angelic with a white tablecloth and mounds of pillow.  

In the Clouds
 Serve miniature "clouds" (meringue cookies from the supermarket) on the Heaven buffet.

Sugar, Sugar
 Trick out your table with jars of yogurt-covered almonds, marshmallows and other white treats.


Grave Situation
 Place spooky signs in the yard or on the front lawn to set the mood.

Head Games
 Give friends their choice of horns or halos.