Easy Halloween Costumes for Food Lovers

These DIY food-themed Halloween ensembles are so cute, you might want to gobble them right up.
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Candy Buttons Halloween Costume

candy button halloween costume

Glue halved plastic balls onto two long pieces from a roll of drawing paper for instant sweetness.

Box of Popcorn Halloween Costume

popcorn halloween costume

Be a pop star: Use fabric paint to add red stripes to an all-white outfit and drape a popcorn sign around your neck with ribbon. The hat is a baseball cap (minus the brim) with real popcorn glued on.

Doughnut Halloween Costume

doughnut halloween costume

Orange inner tubes sure look a lot like doughnuts! To "frost" one, glue on wavy-edged pink felt. The sprinkles are painted ziti noodles!

Sriracha Halloween Costume

Sriracha halloween costume

Like to keep things spicy? Download our Sriracha template, fasten it to an all-red outfit and top it off with a green party hat. 

Salt & Pepper Couples Costume

salt and pepper costume

Shake things up with a willing partner and letters (S & P) cut out of felt. The caps are felt circles glued onto chef's hats.

Salmon Sushi

Salmon Sushi Halloween Costume

All you need to get fishy? Rice-like biodegradable packing peanuts (available at office supply stores), a pillowcase, belt and chopsticks. Carry your candy loot in a bag with a soy sauce logo!

Tiki Cocktail Halloween Costume

tiki drink halloween costume

Stencil a tiki mask (download our template below) on a dress or T-shirt, add a colorful parasol and some plastic fruit, and tiki it up!


Open the image you need in a new tab, print it out and get crafty!


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