Guy's Grooming Guide

You love your guy the way he is, but does he need help with the finishing touches? Rach's buddy Gretta Monahan has an easy game plan to polish him up without changing his ways.
guys grooming guide

You're the casual type who loves a night in. Shape up your style to hit the town.

Even a guy with washboard abs can look like he has a gut if he's got poor posture. Suck it in! Pretend a string is pulling you up from the center of your head. Your shoulders will fall back, making you look taller and leaner.

Erase bed-head with a natural-bristle brush and (gasp!) a blast from the blow-dryer. Dampen the kinked area and use the brush to pull wayward hair in the opposite direction it's going. Hold the dryer over it for a few seconds.

If dinner lands on your shirt, dunk a napkin into icy water and dab the splotch gently. This can help work out stains as long as they're not oil-based. Never rub the fabric vigorously: It'll push the stain deeper.

Unless you're a construction worker, avoid cell phone holsters and use your pocket. Want the security of a holder? Use a classic one like the Sena Ultra Slim Pouch for the iPhone ($30,

All about dressing to the nines? Here's how to keep that bold style in check.

Resist the urge to load up on heavy cologne after a shower. Use a scented soap and deodorant and let them be subtle scent-enhancers.

The polished look is a waste if you (or someone else) can't run fingers through your hair. Make sure styling products don't crunch or goop by choosing a high-hold pomade, not a gel, and using only a pea-size amount.

Let your lady get a chance to shine at a party. Try a classic but low-key white button-down shirt (roll up the cuffs to loosen the look) with some dark jeans and dress shoes.

Don't overdo it on the bling. Avoid looking overly dressed with a sporty digital watch like a Casio G Shock ($99, It's sexy but subtle, and you can set the alarm for hourly hair checks.

You know how to play the field -- but here are the moves to make post-workout.

If you really can’t shower after a workout (but let's hope you try!), fake it by de-stinking the sweatiest bits -- face, underarms and feet -- with a warm washcloth and fresh-scented soap. Rub a dryer sheet over your clothes to take away any leftover post-workout odor.

Nothing screams "I haven't showered today" like hair grease. Keep it on the DL by using a dry shampoo, which absorbs oil and dirt without water. Try Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo ($18, Spray a bit onto hair, starting at the roots.

Faded sweatpants and a T-shirt from your high school basketball team won't cut it. Sport a grown-up look in straight-leg black workout pants and a slogan-free shirt. Transition to a post-gym look with a light jacket and street sneakers.

Upgrade your gym duffel to a hip messenger bag like one from High Sierra ($60, It's hands-free so you can easily use your cell phone to confirm plans when you're finished working out.

Streamline your routine with these techniques.
1. Cut down time spent on tasks like teeth-whitening by doing them in the shower.
2. Let shampoo double as body wash so you only have to suds up once.
3. De-wrinkle shirts by hanging them in the bathroom during a hot shower.