Wooden Watch

Rach says: "For every handmade watch sold, a tree is planted through American Forests' Global ReLeaf Campaign."


Faves Grown Up Watches

Gem iPhone Case

Rach says: "Hoo's calling? Probably a happy friend who just got her crystal Oscar the Owl cell phone holder."


Faves Grown Up Holder

Reusable Totes

Rach says: "Never forget your shopping bag again! My Rachael Ray foldable totes fit snugly in your purse."

$28 for 2,

Faves Grown Up Reusable Totes

Custom portrait

Rach says: "Carter Kustera hand paints your family or pets in colorful silhouettes."

$110 and up,

Faves Grown Up Silhouette Picture

Drink-Up Coasters

Rach says: "John is my bartender, so I'm giving him porcelain cocktail-recipe coasters."

$18 each,

Faves Grown Up Drink Up Coasters

Wine Of the month

Rach says: "Each kit has six mini 50ml pours, so you can compare the wines side by side."


Faves Grown Up Wine of the Month

Boozy Shaving Kit

Rach says: "Shaving jelly, soap, lotion, aftershave and cologne have a spicy whiskey scent."

$13 and up,

Faves Grown Up Boozy Shaving Kit

Bird Necklace

Rach says: "I'm cuckoo for this goldplated clock necklace."


Faves Grown Up Bird Necklace