Gretta Monahan, Rach's fashion buddy, shares her summer fashion secrets.
Gretta Monahan

Q: I know cardigans are layering staples, but I get so bored wearing a different one every day. What's a rendier way to fight my office's A/C chill?
 A: Colored cotton-blend blazers are figure-flattering, and they take the bite out of the arctic indoors," Gretta says. A well-fitting blazer is an instantly structured but not stodgy look. Don't be afraid of color: Pairing a bright hue like emerald with dark denim or black pants is an easy modern look.


Q: My thighs aren't exactly beach-ready, but I still want to wear shorts when it's hot outside! What styles are universally flattering?
 A: The perfect length can do wonders: Go for shorts that hit just above your knee. "That's where you can show off your figure and still hide any trouble spots," Gretta says. Choose shorts in soft fabrics like silk or rayon, which breeze over curves without bunching up awkwardly. (Bonus: Those fabrics transition easily from day to night.) Finally, choose flat-front cuts, never pleats, which add bulk you probably don't need to the hip area, making them much harder to pull off.

Q: I'm glad espadrilles are back this season, but whenever I wear them, I get blisters on my heels. What's the trick to avoiding the pain?
 A: "Believe it or not, I rub some Chapstick on my heels for a bit of protection," Gretta says. "A waxy lip balm will create a smooth, temporary barrier between the shoe and your skin." And try to buy espadrilles that have fabric backing inside -- uncovered straw can scratch even more. (Pictured: Sonoma Life + Style Estelle Espadrilles)

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