Like her buddy Rach, Gretta Monahan works with the freshest ingredients. They just happen to be in her makeup bag! After trading many of her synthetic products for organic ones, she's sharing her eco-beauty secrets.

green is beautiful

 1. No need to overhaul your entire beauty routine. Make the green swap with one daily product, preferably something that sits on your skin all day (like a deodorant or moisturizer), so you can actually reap the benefits.

2. Don't shell out a lot of green for green products. Plenty of bargain goods can be found in the drugstore.

3. What's on the outside counts, too. Buy products that come in packages made from recycled materials. To cut back on trash, look for two-in-one products. Toss empty makeup bottles and plastic compacts in with your kitchen recycling.

 A few small changes can make a big difference.

-- Skip the plastic body loofah -- it traps bacteria and is wasteful. Use a washcloth instead.

-- Wash makeup sponges instead of just tossing them out.

-- Use bars of soap instead of body washes in plastic bottles.

-- Buy gallon- or economy-size bottles rather than standard ones to cut down on trash. (They tend to be cheaper per unit, too.)

-- When traveling, use old contact lens cases to hold a few days' worth of hair gel or face cream.

-- Don't buy new travel-size products: Refill your old ones before packing for a trip.