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kween and co granola butter
Photography by Julia O.
| Credit: Photography by Julia O.

The brainchild of Ali Bonar and her wellness-focused food brand, Kween + Co., granola butter is exactly what it sounds like: You can smear it on toast, drizzle it over morning oats, or stir it into yogurt. But Bonar is quick to differentiate her product from other nut butters. 

"The low-carb, keto, and paleo crazes are causing consumers to eat almond-based everything, which can be hard to digest," she says. "I wanted a nutritious, nut-free spread that was still packed with healthy fats and low in sugar." 

The case for granola as a health food is debatable—watch out for high calories—but the butter's good-for-you ingredients list includes gluten-free oats, flaxseeds, and olive oil. (There's even a version pumped up with collagen peptides.) 

We'll let the experts decide if it's nutritious, but it sure is delicious.

Buy it here: Kween + Co. ($13 for a 10-ounce jar and $33 for a three-pack)