Going Places

Go ahead, ask Rachael Ray anything. Plus read her answers to other Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine reader questions.


Q: You've traveled everywhere. What's your favorite destination? -Alicia Lankford, Reno, NV

A: I was married in Montalcino, Tuscany, so that holds the number-one spot. But I have many favorite places that mean a lot to me. I love Italy (Rome is eternal!). I grew up on Lake George and call the Adirondacks my home to this day. Then again, New York City has become a second home, and Austin, Texas, is my favorite music city.

Q: Where was your most memorable vacation and why did you love it so much? -Beth Gearhart, Smyrna, GA

A: My wedding in Italy was definitely the most memorable! So much so that every year, John and I take family and friends back there.

Rach's wedding in Italy

Q: You've been to a lot of restaurants -- which is your favorite? -Lindsey Watson, Dallas

A: My favorite restaurant of all time is Il Latini in Florence, Italy (illatini.com).

Q: Of all the cities you've visited, which has the most interesting food? -Melissa Smith, Naperville, IL

A: That's like comparing apples to pomegranates! There's a lot of diversity in the world and in food. Some of the most surprising and diverse cities are Lima, Peru; Portland, Oregon; Cape Town, South Africa; Montreal and Quebec.


Q: Where in the U.S. would you like to visit that you haven't already been? -Phyllis Smith, Huntington Beach, CA

A: Plainview, New York, on Long Island -- the home of one of my best friends. I've never seen her house or the town!

Q: What's on your must-see list? -Dorine Cob, Claremont, NH

A: I would love to check out the pyramids of Egypt.

Q: You've traveled a lot. Which destinations are you most looking forward to visiting next? -Shannon Perry, Staunton, VA

A: I'm always dreaming about Italy. I'm fortunate that my job takes me to a lot of beautiful places, and the more of the world I see, the more I know that Italy is my number-one destination.

Q: What states have you never visited? -Cathryn Evangelista, Northborough, MA

A: I've never been to Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin or Wyoming.


Q: How do you leave Isaboo when you travel? -Jessica Moody, Columbia, SC

A: She stays with family or friends, but still sleeps in her own bed.

Q: Where have you traveled with your adorable dog, Isaboo? Does she have a favorite destination? -Kathleen Foley, Bolingbrook, IL

A: Izzy will go on car trips, but I don't want her to have to fly in the belly of a plane. She's been to Montreal and, of course, she goes back and forth between the Adirondacks and New York City.

Q: Does your husband travel with you when you're taping shows all over the world? -Trish Richards, North Fort Myers, FL

A: No. Occasionally he'll surprise me by showing up for a night here or there.


Q: I'm traveling to New York City. Besides the obvious stops, like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, what would you say I have to see? -Amy Frisch, Bethalto, IL

A: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and get a pie at Grimaldi's Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Go to the Union Square Greenmarket. If you're going in the winter, try ice-skating in Bryant Park.

Q: I've been visiting your hometown area, Lake George, for years. Where should I eat on my next trip? -Lynda Inglese, East Meadow, NY

A: Ridge Terrace (2172 Ridge Road, Queensbury, NY, 518-656-9274) is a favorite. I've known the family for decades. Sutton's Market Place (Route 9, Queensbury, NY, suttonsmarketplace.com, 518-798-1188) is good for breakfast and browsing, and I love The Harvest Restaurant (4 Cronin Road, Queensbury, NY, 518-793-6233). There's a pizza named after me!

Q: Do you get culture shock when you travel to a foreign country? How do you handle the language barrier? -Cara Mansour, Billerica, MA

A: I don't get culture shock. I love to travel, and I find that most everywhere I travel these days, people speak English. When all else fails, food is the international language!

Q: I travel for a living. Do you have any suggestions for creative, wholesome snacks on the go? -Devon Gravely, Champaign, IL

A: There are plenty of choices in the snack aisle these days. Raw peanuts and other nuts will keep you going. Popcorn is great because it's low-calorie if you get the air-popped kind. Also, there are a lot of healthful eateries and takeout places wherever you're traveling -- places that specialize in make-your-own salads and wraps. In New York City, check out Chop't (choptsalad.com).