A Glossary of Rachael-isms

You've heard Rachael use the terms but here's your guide to what all of Rachael's most famous sayings mean -- including EVOO!

EVOO is extra-virgin olive oil. I first coined "EVOO" on my cooking show because saying "extra virgin olive oil" over and over was wordy, and I'm an impatient girl -- that's why I make 30-minute meals!

I say this if something is so good that "yum" just isn't enough of an exclamation. The accent is on the "O" as in, "Oh! That is so good!"

Extra Yum-O!

Two turns of the pan
I write in freehand equivalents because measuring, to me, takes away from the creative process of cooking. Two turns of the pan with EVOO is about two tablespoons.

Eyeball it
I measure in my palm and use my eyes to estimate amounts; a tablespoon is a full palm of dried spices.

How good is that?
The question is rhetorical. Pat yourself on the back and just start eating.