Rach's style buddy Gretta Monahan reveals tips for getting into party mode. "Before I play hostess, I enjoy a few bites with my feet up and a cocktail in hand. And I never forget to test out the dance floor!"

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
get ready to party

No need to try on everything in your closet. These style secrets work every time.

Keep it simple
Choose an outfit with as few pieces as possible -- a dress for ladies; dress pants and a shirt for men. You won't have to stress about mixing layers.

Don't sweat it
Heavy knits will make your temperature rise, and thin fabrics like silk show every little stain. Stick to cotton and darker colors and patterns.

Keep accessories short and sweet. Dangling necklaces or ties can tangle and snag as you work the room.

Turn to these helpers to score rave reviews.

Not sure your guests will share your passion for mosh-pit rock? Play more artists and songs they'll recognize.

iTunes has playlists hand-selected by the stars. Try out one by an artist whose taste you admire.

Have them bring their iPods or CDs and take turns playing DJ.

Use Gretta's style tips for these parties:

Plus, don't let the planning take the fizz out of your fiesta.