Rach and the TV funnyman talk tortillas and table tennis.

George Lopez

Rachael Ray: You have two Sub-Zero refrigerators, and they're both packed! Do you entertain a lot?

George Lopez: Growing up, we had the cheapest fridge that would fit in the cutout in the wall. But this, I mean, both doors open and don't hit anything. To me, that's success! Plus, my wife loves to entertain.

RR: You may win the prize for not only one, but two of the fullest fridges we've ever seen.

GL: Yet my daughter, who's 10, goes in there and says there's nothing to eat!

RR: Well, I do see soy chorizo in there, plus a huge package of ground beef! Are there vegetarians and meat-eaters in the house?

GL: I put the Soyrizo in there as a decoy for the Farmer John link sausage ditched under the lettuce. When no one's around, I get down. Like Sunday mornings -- I use the sausage grease to fry the potatoes, and the potato grease to cook the eggs.

RR: That's awesome. But it seems like everything else in there is really healthy and organic.

GL: My wife has started to change the way we buy things. I don't mind organic. But I'm old-school. I like whole milk, and we went to 2 percent. She started bringing home low-fat tortillas, and then one time, wheat tortillas. I threw those things out!

RR: Yeah. If I'm going to have milk, I want milk. If I'm going to have pasta, I want the real thing. You also have a ton of beverages. Do you guys not agree on beverages?

GL: Well, I live with two women. My wife's into this Penta water. But me, I'd drink from the hose. I don't care.

RR: Me too. I buy whatever's on sale. So, I read that you filmed a new movie with Christopher Walken. What's it about?

GL: It's called Balls of Fury and it's a spoof of the Bruce Lee movie Enter the Dragon -- but it's about Ping-Pong.

RR: That's fantastic. I can't wait. Great cast. And Ping-Pong is huge right now. Jack Spade even sells paddle cases.

GL: Yeah, I think it'll be a cult classic, like Dodgeball.

RR: So, if you could trade fridges with anyone in the world, who would it be? For me, it would be Mario Batali, because he always has leftover lasagna.

GL: I'd probably swap with Emeril. He's got lots of spicy stuff in there -- like sausage.

Pop Quiz

1. What's George's early-morning guilty pleasure?

A. Sausage and home fries

B. Glazed doughnuts

C. Froot Loops

2. If George could trade fridges with anyone, who would it be?

A. Emeril Lagasse

B. Christopher Walken

C. Jennifer Lopez

3. George's dairy of choice is:

A. Chocolate milk

B. Whole milk

C. Half-and-half

Answers: 1.A 2.A 3.B