Buy wine because of a funny label and you kind of expect to forgo flavor for a few laughs. But after tasting the kookiest of the crop, we found the bottles that don't require the trade-off!

Photo by Levi Brown
Photo by Levi Brown

MAD HOUSEWIFE CABERNET SAUVIGNON A not-too-sweet companion for pizza night—or girls' night. $10

FRENCHIE 2009 NAPOLEON RED An intense, oaky red blend that made us think about our favorite steak recipes. $30

MIDDLE SISTER DRAMA QUEEN PINOT GRIGIO A crisp, fruity find that got nabbed for one editor's seafood dinner. $12

WELL HUNG MERLOT-VERDOT A smooth, earthy sip that's definitely not your mother's merlot. $20

CHATEAU SMITH 2010 CABERNET SAUVIGNON A robust red that may induce serious burger cravings. $20

(OOPS) CHEEKY LITTLE WHITE SAUVIGNON BLANC A citrusy hit, emptied before the tasting was over. $11