When late night talk show hosts talk food, it's funny!

Funny Foodies

These late-night kings of comedy are even funnier when they have food on the brain -- and, as it turns out, that's pretty often.

 The Eat-It-All Host: Fallon has an iron stomach: He tackled the Ron Swanson turkey burger -- a 5-pound beef burger stuffed with a fried turkey leg -- with Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman; set a record by tasting 13 fast-food items in 30 seconds; and braved hot dogs grilled on a rake with Amy Sedaris.

 The Inventor: The satirical host has a knack for food-ventions. Our fave: Toasterster, a toaster-borrowing service modeled after Zipcar's vehicle-sharing program. "You'll check out a toaster for, like, the five minutes it takes to make your toast," he joked while asking Zipcar investor Steve Case for seed money.

 Wants-His-Own-Brand Guy: Colbert and Fallon eventually pulled Stewart into their never-ending battle over whose Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor -- Colbert's AmeriCone Dream or Fallon's Late Night Snack -- is best. Asked to defend one or the other, Stewart instead tearfully requested a flavor of his own: "The Daily Sherbet with Jon Stewberry."

 The Con Artist: Always the prankster, Coco is now playing with food, too: In New York, he's been spotted impersonating pizza makers and Chinese food delivery men. He also outed his own office's secret foodie club -- on camera -- by luring his staffers into the break room with the promise of an ice cream cake.

 Junk Food Addict: Leno has bragged about his love of junk food, saying he hasn't had an apple in over a decade. Enter Michelle Obama, who stopped by his show with an apple dipped in honey from the White House garden. Leno gave in to a bite of fruit, but saved his enthusiasm for Obama's other offering: a sausage pizza.