Take your favorite birthday boys and girls to these restaurant chains for a real surprise.

birthday bash


The infamous tank-top-clad waitresses take birthday celebrations (and wings) very seriously. They might escort the birthday boy to a highly visible bar stool, then make him hold two paper cups in his mouth (like a beak) and flap his arms like a chicken. The waitresses keep it all in good fun -- they publicly tease young guys (and those young at heart) that they "must be turning 21 today."

Joe's Crab Shack

If guests really look reserved, they'll get a short and sweet version of "Happy Birthday." If not, all bets are off! Possible festivities include disco dancing to "Night Fever" or beating your chest like Tarzan complete with crab-bib "loincloths." The staff will also snap photos of the mortifying display that anyone can point and laugh at on joescrabshack.com.

Texas Roadhouse

Two words: birthday saddles. After servers serenade the special guest underneath a hanging table-lamp "spotlight," they'll wheel out a saddled sawhorse for the special diner to sit on. Once the birthday girl is ridin' high, the staff makes sure she's the center of attention: They'll encourage other diners to hoot and holler some "yeehaws" in her direction.

Dick's Last Resort

Dick's prides itself on its sassy servers, and birthdays are no exception. Some favorite tactics include presenting diners with funny hats, luring them up from the table for some public ridiculing, or searching for the "birthday cherry" inside a whipped cream pie (no hands allowed). For being good sports, birthday guests might get Dick's Volcano Surprise dessert, booze or a restaurant souvenir.