No pumpkin? No problem! These seedy characters came straight from the produce aisle. Here’s how we turned ordinary fruits and veggies into grocery ghouls.


Scoop out the center with an apple corer or a pointy teaspoon. A utility knife will help you carve finer expressions. Rub a lemon wedge wherever you cut to keep your apple apparition from browning.


Slice off the wider end, and with a teaspoon, clean out the guts and pit. If you don't have a very sharp paring knife, a utility knife can cut a creepy face into the thin, leathery shell. Now you have a ghastly garnish for your guac.

Bell pepper

Treat it like a pumpkin: Use a paring knife to saw a circle around the stem, remove the seeds, and cut your design. Red, yellow, and green varieties will make a creepy crudités accompaniment.


Perform a melon lobotomy: Slice off the cap and scoop out the fruit with a big spoon or melon baller (just keep the walls a half-inch thick). Cut out a crooked smile, and, if you used a melon baller to scoop out the fruit, attach the melon mounds with toothpicks for a honey 'do.


Lay down a kitchen towel: you'll need a thirsty work surface. Slice off the top of the watermelon and scoop out the fruit with a big spoon or melon baller. (Keep the walls a half-inch thick, too.) Once you've hollowed it out, carve a face with a small serrated knife (one from a pumpkin carving kit comes in handy).

Butternut squash

Cut off the cap and the bottom and use an apple or pineapple corer to scrape out both bulbous ends. The mini saw in a pumpkin carving kit is best for making your gourd grin. Leave the bottom off so the squash has a steady base.

Acorn squash

The flesh is quite thick, but this gourd is worth it for that adorable, pointy cap. Cut the top off, and with an apple or pineapple corer, hollow out the inside. A pumpkin carving kit is also the best tool for carving this cutie.


Rub a bit of petroleum jelly around the cuts of your design to prevent them from shriveling. Keep your characters fresher by storing them in the fridge when they're not on display—and scare anyone looking for a midnight snack.