Bag it! 25 readers will win one of Rach's meal carriers.


Rachael Ray Double Decker Meal Carrier

Rach says: "Use my Rachael Ray Double Decker Meal Carrier to pack a healthy lunch for school or the office."

Fun Meal Carrier

Chocolate Sweet Magnet

Rach says: "Have a craving for cute refrigerator art? Break squares off a Chocolate Sweet Magnet."

Fun Chocolate Magnet

Animal Headphone Wraps

Rach says: "Tame that tangled iPod cord with these adorable Animal Headphone Wraps."
 $4.50 each,

Fun Animal Head Phones

Bacon Scarf

Rach says: "Wear your heart on your sleeve -- or around your neck -- with a marbled Bacon Scarf."

Fun Bacon Scarf

Peanut Butter Mixer

Rach says: "Give your wrist a rest! Spin the crank on this Peanut Butter Mixer and say goodbye to globs of oil for good!"

Fun Peanut Butter Mixer

Wordlock 5-Dial Padlock

Rach says: "Always forget your locker combination? Nothing spells 'easy' like the Wordlock 5-Dial Padlock."
 $10 each,

Fun Pad Lock

5 Minute Candle Pack

Rach says: "Pop a matchbook-size 5 Minute Candle Pack in your purse, and a celebration is never out of reach."
 $8 for 4 packs,

Fun Match Book

Small Handled Folding Crate

Rach says: "Stash a Small Handled Folding Crate in your trunk for use anytime. Don't worry about space: It flattens for easy storage."

Fun Folding crate

Baguette Wrist Cushion

Rach says: "A soft Baguette Wrist Cushion by your keyboard may just be the greatest thing since sliced bread!"

Fun Baguette Wrist Cushion