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Match & Munch Sandwich Cutters

Rach says: "Transform your child's next PB&J into puzzle pieces with Match & Munch Sandwich Cutters."
 $17 for 4,

Fun Sandwich Cutters

Minou Cat Purse Hook

Rach says: "Hello, kitty! A stainless steel Minou Cat Purse Hook keeps your handbag off the floor."

Fun Minou Cat Purse

Silicone Tea Submarine

Rach says: "Put your favorite loose-leaf teas inside the Silicone Tea Submarine and submerge!"

Fun Silcone Tea Submarine

"What To Cook?" Dice

Rach says: "From veggies and pasta to meats and herbs, 'What To Cook?' Dice turn dinner into a game of chance."

Fun What To Cook Dice

Envelope Laptop Case

Rach says: "Don't drop this Envelope Laptop Case in interoffice mail: It's made of padded microfiber and fleece."

Fun Envelope Laptop Case

Spongioli Ravioli Sponges

Rach says: "Super-absorbent Spongioli Ravioli Sponges are long-lasting, antibacterial and low in carbs!"
 $10 for 6,

Fun Spongi Oil Sponges

"Heads-Up" Juice Glasses

Rach says: "Your kids will get a kick out of turning the frowns upside down on these funky 'Heads-Up' Juice Glasses."
 $12 for 2 greener,

Fun Heads Up Juice Glasses

Word Search Clock

Rach says: "Searching for extra minutes in the day? A Word Search Clock will help you keep track of time."

Fun Word Search Clock

Pool Ball Stoppers

Rach says: "These one-of-a-kind Pool Ball Stoppers are made from vintage billiard balls."
 $30 each,

Fun Pool Ball Starters