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Rach says: "Never misplace your glasses again! The Nosy keeps your specs safe and visible while you give your eyes a rest."

Fun Nosy

Night Owl Sleeping Mask

Rach says: "Whooo needs some shut-eye? Hit the pillow with a Night Owl Sleeping Mask for hours of sweet slumber."
 $10, 800-896-7266 for stores

Fun Night Owl Mask

Perfect Roast Turkey Timer

Rach says: "The drumsticks on this Perfect Roast Turkey Timer pop up when your Thanksgiving bird is perfectly cooked."

Fun Roast Turkey Timer

Magnetic Message Dry Erase Board

Rach says: "Don't forget to leave yourself helpful reminders on a Magnetic Message Dry Erase Board."

Fun Dry Erase Board

Fresh Fruit Shopping Bags

Rach says: "Orange you glad Fresh Fruit Shopping Bags are so easy to tote around?"

Fun Fresh Fruit Bags

Felt Sleeve

Rach says: "The easiest hostess gift ever: a bottle of your favorite wine in a Felt Sleeve."

Fun Felt Sleeve

Baby Elephant Ears

Rach says: "Your little one will snooze in style and stay in place with a Baby Elephant Ears pillow. Available in 11 cute prints."

Fun Elephant Ears Pillows

Best Years Wine Stoppers

Rach says: "Best Years Wine Stoppers are shaped like animals of the Chinese zodiac. Pick from 12 designs."
 $12 each,

Fun Wine Stoppers