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Half-Pint Creamer

Rach says: "Milk every compliment you'll get from this glass Half-Pint Creamer."

Fun Half Pint Creamer

Bottle Cap Tripod

Rach says: "No need for a third party: Place a Bottle Cap Tripod on top of your drink and a great shot is never out of reach."

Fun Bottle Cap Tripod

Mighty Tags

Rach says: "You'll have no problem spotting your suitcase when it's labeled with tear-resistant Mighty Tags."
 $10 for 10,

Fun Mighty Tabs

Lego Kitchen Storage Cases

Rach says: "Who said you shouldn't play with your food? These Lego Kitchen Storage Cases make organizing a pantry fun!"
 $30 for 4, for stores

Fun Lego Storage Cases

Tool Bottle Openers

Rach says: "Show off your DIY skills: Use Nambu Tekki Tool Bottle Openers to pop the top on your favorite brew."
 $18 each,

Fun Tool Bottle Openers

Kick the Stink!

Rach says: "Deodorize your sweaty sneakers by dropping Kick the Stink! Charcoal Shoe Balls inside."
 $4 for 2,

Fun Kick The Stink


Rach says: "Turn your family's takeout night into a colorful affair with these lacquer-coated wooden Chopsticks."
 $35 for 24,

Fun Chop Sticks

Elephant and Duck Paper Clips

Rach says: "Unclutter the desk (and get all your ducks in a cute row!) using a set of Elephant and Duck Paper Clips."
 $7 for 30,

Fun Paper Clips

Chalkboard Moustache Napkin Rings

Rach says: " 'Stache' these Chalkboard Moustache Napkin Rings away for a special occasion."
 $24 for 4,

Fun Moustache Napkin Rings