Shop Rachael Ray's awesome picks for fun faves.

Chocolate Basketballs

Rach says: "No matter who you're rooting for in the NCAA basketball tourney, these can't-eat-just-one milk chocolate candies will be a crowd favorite on game day!"

$7 for 2 pounds,

Faves Fun Balls

Sweet Chilli Jam

Rach says: "Hmm...can't decide between a sweet or a spicy snack? Satisfy both of your cravings with a smear of Nudo's organic jam, made with a yummy blend of spicy peppers, ripe apples and tart lemons. It's a great topper for salty cheeses, too."


Faves Fun Jam

Lavender Sachets

Rach says: "Toss a pup-shaped scented sachet inside a drawer to repel moths and keep clothes and linens smelling fresh."


Faves Fun Dog

Gorilla Wallet

Rach says: "This Mighty Wallet may look paper-thin, but it's made with the same super strong materials used for express-mail envelopes -- making it completely water- and rip resistant."


Faves Fun Wallet

Strawberry Lip Set

Rach says: "These lip balms not only taste like chocolate covered strawberries, but they're also jam packed with nourishing vitamin E."

$12 for 3,

Faves Fun Berry

Camera Candle

Rach says: "The beeswax instant camera candle gives off a natural honey scent but has an unnaturally long burn time -- 40 hours!"


Faves Fun Candle

Make-Your-Own Book

Rach says: "Melt Mom's or Dad's heart with a personalized book. Just pick a photo for the cover, then fill each page with your favorite family memories. Voilà: instant keepsake!"


Faves Fun Card

Sparkling Fruit Soda

Rach says: "You won't find sugary syrups or high fructose anything in Spindrift sodas -- they're made only from fresh-squeezed juices! Choose from four delish flavors: grapefruit, blackberry, lemonade and orange mango."

$3 each,

Faves Fun Soda

Windproof Umbrella

Rach says: "A Jonathan Adler umbrella can withstand even the strongest gusts and adds a pop of color to gray, rainy days."


Faves Fun Umbrella