This is sure to make waves: The Sarut Group is giving away five Submarine Radios!

Submarine Radio

Rach says: "Crank up the tunes in the tub with this awesome Submarine Radio -- it floats on top of bathwater and plays AM and FM stations."

Fun Submarine Radio

Cupcakes & Cartwheels Time to Cook Timer

Rach says: "A mini Cupcakes & Cartwheels Time to Cook Timer will be the toast of your kitchen counter."
 $7.50, 800-896-7266 for stores

Fun Timer

Speck di Tirolo Ham

Rach says: "Salumi is always on my Valentine's list for John. This dry-cured Speck di Tirolo Ham has a hearty, smoky flavor he'll just love."
 $69 for 5 pounds,

Fun Tiroloham

Heart Pancake and Egg Rings

Rach says: "Start the morning off with a loving breakfast using Heart Pancake and Egg Rings."
 $4.50 for 2,

Fun Heart Pancakes

Wine Tote

Rach says: "Show off your bottle's origin (and your eco-style!) with a two-sided Wine Tote."
 $12 each,

Fun Wine Tote

Babushka USB Flash Drive

Rach says: "A gigabyte never looked so cute. Use a Babushka USB Flash Drive to transfer files and photos."

Fun Babushka usb Flash Drive

Eco-friendly Harvested Wood Bookmarks

Rach says: "Eco-friendly Harvested Wood Bookmarks are a hit in our book -- they come in 30 different styles."
 $4.50 each,

Fun Harvested Wood Book Marks

Colorful Crayon Stones

Rach says: "Colorful Crayon Stones rock! They provide the perfect grip for little hands and are made of renewable soy wax."

Fun Crayon Stones

Morris Memo Card Holder

Rach says: "Use a Morris Memo Card Holder to place important notes in prime position."

Fun Morris Memo Card

Rowallan of Scotland Inches Tape Measure

Rach says: "Round out your toolbox supplies with a leather Rowallan of Scotland Inches Tape Measure."

Fun Tape Measure