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Wine Monkey

Rach says: "I don't monkey around with wrapping paper! I cover hostess gift bottles with a hysterical Wine Monkey."
 $15, hogmalion.com

Monkey Bottle Cover

Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP digital camera

Rach says: "The waterproof Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP digital camera can snap photos while completely submerged."
 $200, walmart.com

Pink Fuji Camera

À la Cart

Rach says: "À la Cart by Hillary Carlip made me laugh out loud: She uses found grocery lists to create quirky alter egos."
 $12.25, amazon.com

a la Cart Book Cover

Ant Tablecloth Weights

Rach says: "Bugs at a picnic get a bad rap, but these Ant Tablecloth Weights protect dinner from the wind."
 $10 for 4, bayvillagestore.com

Ant Weights

Amazing Bug Zapper

Rach says: "Practice your backhand while swatting flies with an electric Amazing Bug Zapper."
 $13, amazon.com

Handheld Bug Zapper

Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves

Rach says: "Dessert is a piece of cake when I use Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves. Wrap a cupcake in decorative paper (my fave is the ice cream cone!) and frost the top to match."
 $9 for 12, roundaboutsleeves.com


Mod-Dog Notecards

Rach says: "Mod-Dog Notecards are letter-perfect! They feature cute pup and cat silhouettes in bright colors."
 $15 for 6, mod-dog.com

Dog Cards

Adirondack Napkin Holder

Rach says: "Relax! An Adirondack Napkin Holder has a wooden flip-flop weight to keep napkins in place."
 $13, swoozies.com

Green Adirondak Chair

"Green Is The New Black" Water Bottle

Rach says: "I carry a 'Green Is The New Black' Water Bottle with me so I remember to drink more water and use fewer plastic bottles."
 $25, mysigg.com

Water Bottle

Pro-mis-Q-ous Wines

Rach says: "I love serving Pro-mis-Q-ous Wines at dinner. They taste delicious, and the label is fun, too!"
 $12, promisqous.com

PromisQous Wine