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Animal Greeting Card

Rach says: "Give a silly Monkey as Sock card for any occasion worth celebrating, or just because!"



Food Flash Cards

Rach says: "Little ones will love learning healthy eating habits (without even knowing it!) thanks to colorful Boddler Bites Cards. Each one features an easy, toddler-friendly recipe."


flash cards

Kids' Water Bottle

Rach says: "The recycled Mini Bobble has a clean advantage over other bottles: Its screw-on cap filters out impurities as your child drinks!"



Takeout Lamp

Rach says: "Chinese-food lovers will take a shine to this carry-out container lamp. Just don't try to eat from it!"



Remote Control Pillow

Rach says: "Cozy up to your remote -- no, really! This pillow remote channel-surfs, then shuts off when idle so you can rest your head."



Apple Air Purifier

Rach says: "Breathe easy: This desktop air purifier plugs into your computer's USB drive and clears the air of dust and odors."



Silicone Watch

Rach says: "Even if you didn't have slap bracelets back in the day, a slap-on Broadway Collection watch will make you feel like a kid again."



Lunch Container Set

Rach says: "Pic 'N' Mix Monsters compartments are labeled for veggies, fruits and main dishes, and marked measurements mean portion control is a cinch."



Dark Chocolate Matzo

Rach says: "Don't save this treat for Passover -- like you'd be able to resist dark chocolate-and-toffee-covered matzo sprinkled with sea salt, anyway."

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