Shop Rachael Ray's awesome picks for fun faves. Plus, ten readers will win a set of cute crutch covers. Enter to win!

Soccer Ball Crutch Critters

Rach says: "I wish these were around when I was a kid! Soccer Ball Crutch Critters transform crutches into a fun (and plush) accessory."
 $30, for stores

Fun Crutch Critters

Budget Cuts Piggy Bank

Rach says: "A Budget Cuts Piggy Bank has great suggestions for spending your loot, like takeout or scratch-off lottery tickets."

Fun Piggy Bank

Blokz Party Candles

Rach says: "Stick a few Blokz Party Candles on a cake -- or fit them together to form a giant candle."
 $9 for 6,  

Fun Party Candles

Mini Bacon Candy Bar Library

Rach says: "It's a match made in taste bud heaven: The Mini Bacon Candy Bar Library blends smoky bacon and rich chocolate."
 $25 for 9,  

Fun Candy Bar Library

Adirondack Creamery Ice Cream

Rach says: "When I need a taste of my hometown, Lake George, New York, I grab a pint of Adirondack Creamery Ice Cream. The flavors are made with natural ingredients from the Hudson Valley, and they taste delish!"
 $5, for stores

Fun Ice Cream

Spring Street Fruit Slice Compacts

Rach says: "Take your pick: These Spring Street Fruit Slice Compacts come in lemon, orange and lime."
 $25 each,  

Fun Fruit Slice Compacts

Ping Pong Set

Rach says: "A nautical Ping Pong Set can turn a rainy day into family-tournament day."

Fun Ping Pong Set

I Has a Hotdog

Rach says: "Ever wonder what your pup is thinking? The book I Has a Hotdog helped me decode (and laugh out loud) at my Isaboo's expressions."

Fun Hot Dog Book

Thomas Paul Kettle Tea Towel

Rach says: "Need a quick hostess gift? Wrap a tin of your favorite loose tea in a Thomas Paul Kettle Tea Towel."

Fun Kettle Tea Towel