Strike the perfect pose with funky fashions and practical finds.

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E.C.O. Sticky Mat

Rach says: "The E.C.O. Sticky Mat has a spongy, nonslip surface that'll help you hold even the trickiest yoga position."
 $44 each,

Fun Eco Sticky Mat

Hymini wind-powered charger with solar panels

Rach says: "Juicing up your cell phone is a breeze when it's hooked up to a compact travel HYmini wind-powered charger with solar panels."

Fun HY Mini Charger

Calf & Half

Rach says: "Use a double-walled Fred & Friends Calf & Half Creamer anytime you're in the 'mooood' for a laugh over coffee."

Fun Calf Creamer

The Experts' Guide to Doing Things Faster

Rach says: "I'm always short on time, so I love The Experts' Guide to Doing Things Faster (Clarkson Potter). Don't miss my buddy Evette Rios' awesome tips for redecorating a room in a snap!"

Experts Guide to Doing Things Faster book

Awearness: Inspiring Stories about How to Make a Difference

Rach says: "Pick up Kenneth Cole's new book, Awearness: Inspiring Stories About How to Make a Difference (Melcher Media), with essays by Elton John, Lance Armstong, Bill Clinton...and me!"

Fun Awearness

Emoticon Magnets

Rach says: "Let's face it: Emoticon Magnets look just as cute stuck to a fridge as they do typed in an e-mail."
 $15 for 9,

Fun Emot Icon Magnets

Funktion Grocery Bag

Rach says: "Fill this bright Funktion Grocery Bag to the brim with your favorite fruits and veggies."

Fun Funktion Grocery Bag

Fred & Friends Pound Party Picks

Rach says: "Skip toothpicks! Serve snacks pricked with nail-shaped Fred & Friends Pound Party Picks instead."

Fun Party Picks

Fruit Rattles

Rach says: "Until he's old enough to snack on the real stuff, let your baby practice with these hand-knit Fruit Rattles."
 $38 for 5,

Fun Fruit Rattles

Trumpette Mary Jane Rainboots

Rach says: "Your little puddle jumper can make a splash (and stay dry!) in Trumpette Mary Jane Rainboots."

Fun Trumpette Rain Boots