7 Fun Father's Day Gifts

“Aw, I was hoping for a tie,” said exactly no dad, ever. Surprise the main man in your life with a Father’s Day gift he’ll want to use the minute he unwraps it.
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Smart Home Kit

For the Total Techie 

Using the Smart Home Kit, Dad and the kids can trick out household appliances by connecting them via simple circuits to Wi-Fi. Have them start by programming the coffeemaker to brew with the tap of an app, so when they show off their handiwork, you get coffee in bed! $249, littlebits.cc

Kraut Kit

For the Experimental Foodie

This reusable Kraut Kit has what Dad needs to make a tasty foil for his beloved grilled bratwurst, including brining supplies. Just add cabbage and he’s got kraut in a week’s time. $35, farmsteady.com

Troika’s Construction Ballpoint Pen

For the Serial Fixer-Upper

Troika’s Construction Ballpoint Pen is what Q would make for 007 if he were a carpenter instead of a spy. With a ruler, screwdriver, level and stylus, it’ll make any guy feel like an international (handy)man of mystery. $30, amazon.com

Star Wars Imperial AT-ACT Cargo Walker

For the Kid at Heart

If he’s a fan-man who can talk for hours about whether Rey and Kylo are twins, win Father’s Day by getting him the Star Wars Imperial AT-ACT Cargo Walker model. Bonus points for helping him build it. $23, revell.com

Black+Decker’s XL Blast 72 Oz. Drink Machine

For the Mix Master

A macho appliance if we ever saw one, Black+Decker’s XL Blast 72 Oz. Drink Machine has a shot glass built into its lid for easy measuring and an insulated sleeve to keep big batches of his famous ’rita recipe cold. $60, walmart.com

Kala Learn To Play Ukulele Starter Kit

For the Music Man

The Kala Learn To Play Ukulele Starter Kit, with a travel bag and playing guide, hits all the right notes for a dad with rockstar dreams. $80, amazon.com

Insignia’s Mobile Photography Kit

For the Phone-tographer

For any dad who thinks he’s Ansel Adams with an iPhone, help him along with the attachable lenses, tripod and LED light in Insignia’s Mobile Photography Kit. $100, bestbuy.com