Fruit-forward snack boards are here to pretty up your holiday spread.

fruit fruitcuterie board
Photography by Shelby DiMarco
| Credit: Photography by Shelby DiMarco

Bored by basic snack boards? Swap out your meat-and-cheese platters for fruicuterie (charfruiterie?), a bright, bountiful Instagrammable trend that puts a fresh spin on appetizer trays. "Fruicuterie boards are super hot right now because they're beautiful and healthy," says Shari Ivler, owner of Graze New York, which builds artful creations to put any unicorn-mermaid Frankenfood in your feed to shame. 

For fall, trick out your tray with seasonal farmers'-market finds, like figs, persimmons, pomegranates, dates, and an array of apples. "Always go for texture and color," says Shelby DiMarco, one half of Los Angeles–based catering company Sorella Collective. That means cutting and layering different produce for maximum eat-with-your-eyes aesthetics. But remember, says DiMarco, don't go (ahem) overboard: "They are starters—you don't want to fill up your guests before the big meal!"