Fran Drescher

Whether she's throwing a New Year's Eve bash or hosting an intimate party for two, this actress' fridge is always stocked for a good time.
Fran Drescher

Rachael Ray: It looks like someone's ready for a party! Your fridge is filled with alcohol: liquor, beer, champagne. Are you starting the New Year's celebrations early?

Fran Drescher: Yeah, I guess it does look like a party fridge! I always have stuff on hand in case people drop by unexpectedly. I drink wine or Patrón tequila mostly, but lately I've been making myself a green tea hot toddy in the evenings. It tastes delicious and warms me right up!

RR: Nothing beats a good nightcap. I see a lot of fruits and veggies in there, too. Do you tend to eat healthfully?

FD: Yes, and I try to buy organic produce, meats and cheeses. One of my favorite meals is just Italian buffalo mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes sprinkled with extravirgin olive oil and sea salt. It's simple but divine. I'm a cancer survivor, so I want to eat healthy and well.

RR: Does that include the bottle of chocolate syrup tucked into the door of your fridge?

FD: A little squirt of chocolate on a scoop of ice cream can't hurt! I never know when I'll want something sweet.

RR: Do you cook often?

FD: When I'm not traveling I love to cook. Right now I'm obsessed with making spaghetti bolognese. I usually mix pasta with vegetables to keep it healthy, but sometimes I just have to go for the heavy stuff. When it comes to lasagna, I could eat a man under the table any day.

RR: I'm a pasta girl, too. John and I eat it several times a week and never get tired of it.

FD: There's nothing like a hearty Italian meal with a good glass of wine. It can be a really romantic dinner, too. When my boyfriend and I eat at home, we create the right ambience with low lighting, candles and soft music.

RR: What a lovely night. So, tell me about FranBrand, your new skincare line for HSN.

FD: Oh, Rach, I'm so in love with my collection. The moisturizers, cleansers and eye creams are all made with natural ingredients and feel luxurious. Part of the proceeds are going to support my organization, the Cancer Schmancer Movement, which works toward diagnosing women's cancer at the earliest stages, when it's most curable. But, honestly, the best thing about the products is the way they make you feel. I wake up every morning feeling gorgeous and healthy.

RR: Good for you! So, Fran, if you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, whom would you invite?

FD: I'd love to meet Thomas Jefferson because he was such an articulate and intelligent man. I want to get into the head of the guy who wrote the Declaration of Independence.