These covers look so delish that you'll flip over your phone...every time you flip over your phone.
--Diana Pearl

Foodie Phone Cases
Photo by Levi Brown

(Pictured from left to right)

Eye Scream
Don't be surprised if answering a call leaves you craving an ice cream sandwich treat. ($15,

Hot Stuff
Spice up your conversations with a dose of sriracha. ($18,

Sugar Rush
It's all sweet talk with this clever Skittles cover. ($15,

Nice 'n' Crispy
Talk about fakin' bacon: All this cover needs is some scent and sizzle. ($25,

Condiment Craze
Move over, ketchup! Mustard's got a new partner now: your phone.��($25,

Snack Attack
Here's one cracker you'll want to keep away from soup. ($25,