Hopefully with one magazine in particular, ahem.


Ever pass a table of shirts or sweaters at a store and think, "Why can't I fold clothes like that?" Even master sales clerks need a little guidance sometimes and will use a rectangular piece of plastic to help guide them.

Lucky for us, professional organizer Peter Walsh came on the Rachael Ray Show to demonstrate that trick at home with something that's definitely already in your house — a magazine!

But not just any ol' magazine — the latest issue of Rachael Ray Every Day!

Just put the shirt down face-down on a table, throw your mag on the top of the shirt near the collar, then fold each arm towards the edge of the magazine and down. It should all look like a long rectangle. Finally, fold up from the bottom a couple of times, flip it over, take out the magazine, and voila! No creases, no problem!

If you need to save space in your drawers or suitcase—or if you just like the look of perfectly folded shirts (who doesn't!?)—you've got to give this trick a try.