Fine-Dining Plastic Wear

Plastic party dishware doesn't have to be an eyesore. We bet you can't spot the plastic imposters on this party table.
plastic plates and silverware

These shatterproof plastic wine glasses have crystal-like clarity and no plastic-cup taste. Govino stemless wine glasses, $13 for 4,

Ceramic look-alike plastic coffee mugs are weighty enough that they won’t blow away while you wait for the dessert course. Square white coffee mug, $7 for 8,

This knock-off plate gleams like real porcelain and you can toss it afterward. We might like it better than the real thing! 10.25-inch dinner plates, $10 for 10,

Look at these utensils shine! No polishing needed. The plastic sets only look like fancy flatware. "Brilliance" by Diamond, $3.50 for 10 sets, at Target stores