The classic paper-painting technique (it dates back centuries!) gets a modern upgrade with these pretty products for every corner of your home.

Marbled Ribbons

assortment of marbled ribbons
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

Wrap an extra-special gift with these handmade silk Marbled Ribbons ($22 each) that will definitely be saved and reused.

Marbled Candles

blue and white Marbled Candles
Credit: Photo Courtesy Oh Happy Day

Your next birthday celebration just got a lot more stylish thanks to these Marbled Candles ($11 for a set of 24)that come in three poppy, cheerful colors to really dress up the cake.

Marbled Shower Curtain

marbled shower curtain
Credit: Photo Courtesy Siren Song

Bring personality and pattern into your bathroom with this statement-making Marbled Shower Curtain ($160).

Bornn Multi-Color Tumblers

two Bornn Multi-Color Tumblers
Credit: Photo Courtesy FOOD52

Upgrade your everyday cups with these swirly Bornn Multi-Color Tumblers ($72 for a set of 4)—they're shatterproof and dishwasher-safe, making them super family-friendly.

Marbleized Tray and Metal Tray Stand

Marbleized Tray and black Metal Tray Stand
Credit: Photo Courtesy Beata Heuman

Perfect for small spaces, the Marbleized Tray ($80) and Metal Tray Stand ($110) can be used together as a chic side table, or fold up the frame and use the 19-inch top for serving.

Ansel Table Lamp

marbled Ansel Table Lamp
Credit: Photo Courtesy Urban Outfitters

This vintage-inspired glass Ansel Table Lamp ($89) gives off a soft, calming glow perfect for your nightstand.

Studio Formata Birch Veneer Trays

blue and teal marbled Studio Formata Birch Veneer Tray
Credit: Photo Courtesy Stella Tribeca

Handmade in Sweden, these Studio Formata Birch Veneer Trays (starting at $33) are like your high school cafeteria tray—only light-years cooler.

Lawrence Velvet Cushion

blue and gold marbled Lawrence Velvet Cushion
Credit: Photo Courtesy Siren Song

Mix this Lawrence Velvet Cushion ($82) in with your solid throw pillows and it'll be the star of your sofa.

Rule of Three x Heather Levine Candlestick Holders

marbled Candlestick Holders assorted sizes
Credit: Photo Courtesy Rule of Three

Level up your tablescape game with these handmade Rule of Three x Heather Levine Candlestick Holders (starting at $65). Bonus: The tallest size doubles as a bud vase.

Jennifer Fisher x CB2 Swirl Serving Bow

gray and white marbled Swirl Serving Bowl
Credit: Photo Courtesy CB2

This Jennifer Fisher x CB2 Swirl Serving Bowl ($35) was modeled after the jewelry designer's favorite salad bowl at home and hits the mark of being both special and casual enough for everyday use.

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