If you've made a visit to the farmers market within the last two months, you may have noticed an influx of a scallion-looking vegetable called a ramp. These spring onions have gained some serious popularity within the last few years, and for good reason: their strong flavor of garlic and onion is rich and enticing, and keep any spring dish tasting fresh and flavorful. Though they are also known as wild leeks, ramps are more similar in taste, texture and cooking method to scallions. Due to their potent flavor, though, you can use less of a ramp to add flavor to a dish than you would need of a scallion, leek or chive.

Can't find a recipe that calls for ramps? Here are some good substitutions:


Blend them into pesto with pasta

Chop up the greens for hush puppies


Fold them into a goat cheese tart

Just remember! Ramps are only in season until early spring, so get 'em while you still can!

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