You don't have to be born with fabulously full eyelashes -- you can fake them!


4 Steps to Fabulous, Full Eyelashes

Use these foolproof techniques from Rach's beauty buddy, celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal. 

Step 1: Lash Yoga

With an eyelash curler, put a bend in lashes using three pumps: Squeeze the curler gently at the base, middle and tips of lashes, so they curl instead of crimp, helping eyes look bigger, says Mally.  

Lash Yoga

Step 2: Pencil Tips

Mally's two-color liner technique makes lashes look fuller and plays up the eyes: Smudge a black eyeliner pencil as close as possible to the upper lash line, from corner to corner, applying directly onto the lashes and even dotting color between lashes to create the illusion of thickness.

Pencil Tips

Step 3: Eye Opener

To really open up the eyes, use a lighter color like brown or plum on the bottom lash line.

Eye Opener

Mascara Magic

Mally recommends volumizing black mascara for ultimate definition no matter your skin tone or hair color. Apply the first coat to the top lashes with her fave lush-lashes secret: Wiggle the wand left to right from the base of the lashes, pulling it up to the tips. On the second coat, "pull" the lashes toward the bridge of your nose, which makes for a more open-looking eye -- what Mally calls "the starburst effect"!

Mascara Magic

Step 4: Fringe Finish

On the lower lashes, apply one coat of mascara in any color but black -- try plum, brown or blue. Apply vertically with the tip of the wand to give a fuller coat. (Always avoid colored mascara on top lashes, where it can look a little dated.)

Fringe Finish

4 Mascaras with Magic Wands

The mascara itself is only half the battle: These new applicators make lashes stand out!

For longer, plumper lashes: Maybelline New York Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara ($9) has a feathery brush to grab each lash and deposit tiny fibers, stretching lashes by 4 millimeters.

For full lashes that last: CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara ($9) has a 25 percent larger brush than its predecessor and flexible bristles that help you get a thick coat -- with fewer clumps.

For definition, lift and bend: MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash ($15) has a three-sided brush with tapered, tightly packed bristles to lift and separate lashes from root to tip for volume and a hint of curl.

For high-drama impact: Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara ($22) has staggered bristles and an intensifying mohawk of longer bristles at the tip to grab each little lash at the root.