Certain daily habits might make you sick and tired (or worse!), but our friends at the TV show The Doctors show how to take these health busts and turn them into health boosts!



Not so sunny side up: Food poisonings from salmonella are on the rise, causing 1.2 million cases each year -- and the strain found in eggs is the main culprit, says the CDC.

Travis' Rx: Eggs are superhealthy, but be wise. Cook those yolks and whites firm. If your recipe calls for raw eggs, use pasteurized ones -- look for that word on the label.


Sorry, friends: A 10-year study showed that people who drank two or more diet sodas a day craved more calories and upped their waist size five times more than those who skipped the stuff entirely.

Travis' Rx: The evidence is in: I used to drink diet soda every day, but now I think of it as a treat and have it maybe once a week -- the rest of the time I opt for iced tea with lemon.

THE HEALTH HURTER: Texting Before Bed

One in five Americans do it just about every night, says a new survey. The artificial light from phones, TVs and computers stops melatonin production and keeps us awake.

Jillian's Rx: Guilty! I often work on my laptop in bed. For optimal health, get off these devices two hours before bed and mentally unwind. I love to listen to books on tape or take a warm, comforting bath.

THE HEALTH HURTER: Salon Nail Dryers

Because they rely on UV light, salon dryers are like tanning beds for your fingers and hands. Overexposure can lead to melanoma of the nail bed.

Drew's Rx: Just say no to the UV dryers. Why take a chance? At many salons, you can turn off the UV light and just dry nails under the fan.

THE HEALTH HURTER: Walking and Talking

We've mastered chewing gum; now on to cell phones. More than 1,000 pedestrians visited the ER in 2008 because they fell or ran into something while using their cell.

Drew's Rx: Walking has all these benefits, but a cell phone negates them. So put it away. I almost got run over by a cab while on my phone in NYC. Learned my lesson!


Obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Lisa Masterson
 Health and wellness expert Dr. Jillian Michaels
 Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon
 Pediatrician Dr. James Sears
 ER physician Dr. Travis Stork
 Psychologist Wendy Walsh, Ph.D.