"Light up a room with...quirky candles!"

Cast-Iron Clock

Rach says: "A watched pot may never boil, but a skillet with glass numerals can certainly tell time."

$40, pier1.com for stores.


Chalkboard Mugs

Rach says: "White ceramic coffee mugs with colorful chalk tablets for doodling."

$24 for 4, sitenyc.com


Puzzle Speaker

Rach says: "Get into the '80s groove with a Rubik's Cube speaker (3 1/2" x 3 1/2") -- it connects to any computer or MP3 player."

$40, pylones-usa.com


Balloon-Animal Bookends

Rach says: "These pups may look like they're filled with air, but they're heavy enough to prop your favorite reads."

$37, daytripsociety.com


Flower Trivets

Rach says: "Easy-to-clean silicone Studio Doileez in teal, mango, lime, cherry and aubergine."

$10 each, modern-twist.com


Silly Erasers

Rach says: "Made a writing mistake? Don't fret: There's a pill shaped eraser for that!"

$7 for 4, knockknock.biz


Bike-Chain Bottle Opener

Rach says: "Built from used chains collected from bicycle stores around the country."

$10, popmartstore.com


Champagne-cork candles

Liz Vaccariello says: "Fit champagne-cork candles on top of an empty wine bottle!"

$22 for 12, uncommongoods.com


Chick tealight holders

Liz Vaccariello says: "I'm atwitter over handcrafted chick tealight holders."

$8, cb2.com

bird candle

Lightbulb candle

Liz Vaccariello says: "A lightbulb candle screws into a wax socket base like a real bulb."

$32 for 2, branchhome.com