"Kids will adore...some random outdoor fun!"

By Rachael Ray Every Day
June 01, 2011

Sandy Feet Keepsake Casting Kit

Liz Vaccariello says: "Create a beach mold with a Sandy Feet Keepsake Casting Kit. I've got prints from my twins at almost every age."

$15, glammatoys.com

sandy feet

Din Din bus platters

Liz Vaccariello says: "Take stainless Din Din bus platters on a camping trip."

$18, innobaby.com

bus pan

Turtle Bike Bell

Liz Vaccariello says: "It's all about the noise! I love this hand-painted turtle bike bell."

$22, daytripsociety.com


Freezable Carriers

Liz Vaccariello says: "Drinks stay cold in Bella Vita gel-lined single or six-pack bags."

$10, mxyplyzyk.com


DIY Straw

Liz Vaccariello says: "Construct unique twists and bends before sipping!"

$14, momastore.org


Lollipop Speaker

Liz Vaccariello says: "This tiny, but loud, speaker hooks up to an MP3 player."

$20, mollaspace.com


Seeded Album

Liz Vaccariello says: "Place the record on top of soil; water and watch it grow!"

$10, blueribbongeneralstore.com


Kids' Chopsticks

Liz Vaccariello says: "Tropsticks make eating sushi a breeze."

$7, amazon.com


Veggie Sponges

Liz Vaccariello says: "A serving of vegetables with every wash!"

$5, huset-shop.com

mushroom sponge

Designer Bags

Liz Vaccariello says: "Sandwiches look delish in a Tili zip-and-seal plastic bag."

$8 for 12, tilibags.com


Sunglasses Case

Liz Vaccariello says: "Canvas pouch inspired by celebrity frames."

$20, burkedecor.com